Schedule Overview

Sunday (June 12, 2016)

All DayDoctoral

Monday (June 13, 2016)

AM Slot 1 HSDIP SafePlan PlanRob Tutorial 1
AM Slot 2 Tutorial 2
PM Slot 1 Tutorial 3 ICKEPS
PM Slot 2

Tuesday (June 14, 2016)

AM Slot 1 SPARK DMAP PlanRob Tutorial 4
AM Slot 2 Tutorial 5
PM Slot 1 COPLAS Tutorial 6
PM Slot 2
EveningOpening Reception

Detailed Schedule

Wednesday (June 15, 2016)

8:20Opening Remarks
8:30Invited Talk: David Silver Not recorded
9:35Classical Planning (Session 1a)Distributed and Multi-Agent Planning (Session 1b)
An Analysis of Merge Strategies for Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics (short)
Sievers, S.; Wehrle, M.; and Helmert, M
Online Learning of Robot Soccer Free Kick Plans Using a Bandit Approach (short/robotics)
Mendoza, J. P.; Simmons, R.; and Veloso, M
Abstractions for Planning with State-Dependent Action Costs
Geißer, F.; Keller, T.; and Mattmüller, R
Potential Heuristics for Multi-Agent Planning
Štolba, M.; Fišer, D.; and Komenda, A
Traps, Invariants, and Dead-Ends (short)
Lipovetzky, N.; Muise, C.; and Geffner, H
Online Macro Generation for Privacy Preserving Planning (short)
Shani, G.; Brafman, R.; and Maliah, S
Recursive Polynomial Reductions for Classical Planning
Tozicka, J.; Jakubuv, J.; and Komenda, A
Stronger Privacy Preserving Projections for Multi-Agent Planning
Shani, G.; Maliah, S.; and Stern, R
10:50Coffee Break
11:10Probabilistic/Stochastic Reasoning (Session 2a)Path Planning (Session 2b)
OGA-UCT: On-the-Go Abstractions in UCT
Anand, A.; Noothigattu, R.; Mausam; and Singla, P
Path Planning under Interface-Based Constraints for Assistive Robotics (robotics)
Broad, A.; and Argall, B
Revisiting Goal Probability Analysis in Probabilistic Planning
Steinmetz, M.; Hoffmann, J.; and Buffet, O
A Unifying Formalism for Shortest Path Problems with Expensive Edge Evaluations via Lazy Best-First Search over Paths with Edge Selectors (robotics)
Dellin, C.; and Srinivasa, S
Leveraging Probabilistic Reasoning in Deterministic Planning for Large-Scale Autonomous Search-and-Tracking
Bernardini, S.; Fox, M.; Long, D.; and Piacentini, C
Speeding Up A* Search on Visibility Graphs Defined Over Quadtrees to Enable Long Distance Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles (robotics)
Shah, B.; and Gupta, S. K
13:50Planning and Scheduling for Exploration (Session 3a)Distributed and Multi-Agent Systems (Session 3b)
Scheduling Ocean Color Observations for a GEO-Stationary Satellite (application)
Frank, J.; Do, M.; and Tran, T
Evaluation of Auction-Based Multi-Robot Routing by Parallel Simulation (robotics)
Kishimoto, A.; and Nagano, K
Planning and Control of Marine Floats in the Presence of Dynamic, Uncertain Currents (application)
Troesch, M.; Chien, S.; Chao, Y.; and Farrara, J
Multi-Agent Sensor Data Collection with Attrition Risk
Hudack, J.; and Oh, J
Strategic Planning for Setting Up Base Stations in Emergency Medical Systems (application)
Ghosh, S.; and Varakantham, P
A Formal Analysis of Required Cooperation in Multi-Agent Planning
Zhang, Y.; Sreedharan, S.; and Kambhampati, S
15:00Coffee Break
15:20Domain Model Acquisition (Session 4a)Learning for Robot Control (Session 4b)
Domain Model Acquisition in Domains with Action Costs
Gregory, P.; and Lindsay, A
Experience-Based Robot Task Learning and Planning with Goal Inference (robotics)
Mokhtari, V.; Lopes, L. S.; and Pinho, A. J
Learning Relational Dynamics of Stochastic Domains for Planning
Martínez, D.; Ribeiro, T.; Inoue, K.; Alenya, G.; and Torras, C
Real-Time Stochastic Optimal Control for Multi-Agent Quadrotor Systems (robotics)
Gómez, V.; Thijssen, S.; Symington, A.; Hailes, S.; and Kappen, B
16:05Competition Results
17:00Posters & Demos

Thursday (June 16, 2016)

8:30Invited Talk: Susanne Biundo
9:35Planning under Uncertainty and with Incomplete Knowledge (Session 5a)Motion and Task Planning (Session 5b)
Heuristic Guidance for Forward-Chaining Planning with Numeric Uncertainty (short)
Marinescu, L.; and Coles, A
Task and Motion Policy Synthesis as Liveness Games (short/robotics)
Wang, Y.; Dantam, N.; Chaudhuri, S.; and Kavraki, L.
From FOND to Robust Probabilistic Planning: Computing Compact Policies that Bypass Avoidable Deadends (short)
Camacho, A.; Muise, C.; and McIlraith, S
Strict Theta*: Shorter Motion Path Planning Using Taut Paths (short/robotics)
Oh, S.; and Leong, H. W
Robust Allocation of RF Device Capacity for Distributed Spectrum Functions (journal)
Stephen F. Smith, Zachary B. Rubinstein, David Shur, John Chapin
Robot task planning and explanation in open and uncertain worlds (journal)
Marc Hanheide, Moritz Gobelbecker, Graham Horn, Andrzej Pronobis, Kristoffer Sjoo, Alper Aydemir, Patric Jensfelt, Charles Gretton, Richard Dearden, Miroslav Janicek, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Nick Hawes, Jeremy Wyatt
Generalized Planning with Procedural Domain Control Knowledge
Segovia, J.; Jimenez, S.; and Jonsson, A
Robot Motion Planning for Pouring Liquids (robotics)
Pan, Z.; Park, C.; and Manocha, D
10:50Coffee Break
11:10Hybrid Planning (Session 6a)Business and Manufacturing Applications (Session 6b)
A Semantic Notion of Interference for Planning Modulo Theories
Bofill, M.; Arxer, J. E.; and Villaret, M
Not recordedCell Design and Routing of Jobs in a Multisite Make-to-Order Enterprise (application)
Gupta, M.; P, J. C. B. R; and Dutta, P
Numeric Planning with Disjunctive Global Constraints via SMT
Scala, E.; Ramírez, M.; Haslum, P.; and Thiebaux, S
A Planning-Based Architecture for a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System (application)
Borgo, S.; Cesta, A.; Orlandini, A.; and Umbrico, A
A Compilation of the Full PDDL+ Language into SMT
Cashmore, M.; Fox, M.; Long, D.; and Magazzeni, D
Computing Trace Alignment against Declarative Process Models through Planning (application)
Giacomo, G. D.; Maggi, F. M.; Marrella, A.; and Sardina, S
13:50Best Papers (Session 7): Plenary
Heuristic Search in Dual Space for Constrained Stochastic Shortest Path Problems
Trevizan, F.; Thiebaux, S.; Santana, P.; and Williams, B
Practical Undoability Checking via Contingent Planning
Daum, J.; Torralba, Á.; Hoffmann, J.; Haslum, P.; and Weber, I
Multi-Agent Path Finding with Kinematic Constraints (robotics)
Hoenig, W.; Kumar, T. K. S.; Cohen, L.; Ma, H.; Xu, H.; Ayanian, N.; and Koenig, S
Not recordedOptimal Scheduling of a Constellation of Earth-Imaging Satellites, for Maximal Data Throughput and Efficient Human Management (application)
Augenstein, S.; Estanislao, A.; Guere, E.; and Blaes, S
15:20Coffee Break
15:40ICAPS 2016 Best Dissertation and Most Influential Paper Award Talks
(Best Dissertation) Planning Techniques and the Action Language Golog
Gabriele Röger
    (Honourable Mention) Experience Graphs: Leveraging Experience in Planning
    Mike Phillips
    (Honourable Mention) Symbolic Search and Abstraction Heuristics for Cost-Optimal Planning
    Álvaro Torralba
(Influential Paper) A Planning Heuristic Based on Causal Graph Analysis
Malte Helmert
    (Honourable Mention) No talk Generating Robust Schedules through Temporal Flexibility
    Nicola Policella; Stephen F Smith; Amedeo Cesta; and Angelo Oddi
    (Honourable Mention) No talk Activity Planning for the Mars Exploration Rovers
    John L. Bresina; Ari K. Jónsson; Paul H. Morris; and Kanna Rajan
16:45Community Meeting
17:40Conference Banquet

Friday (June 17, 2016)

8:30Invited Talk: Stephen Smith
9:35Temporal and Numeric Planning (Session 8a)Planning and Execution (Session 8b)
Symbolic discrete-time planning with continuous numeric action parameters for agent-controlled processes (journal)
Florian Pantke, Stefan Edelkamp, Otthein Herzog
Not recordedA robot sets a table: a case for hybrid reasoning with different types of knowledge (journal)
Masoumeh Mansouri and Federico Pecora
Have I Been Here Before? State Memoization in Temporal Planning
Coles, A.; and Coles, A
Integrating Planning and Control for Efficient Path Planning in the Presence of Environmental Disturbances (robotics)
Aine, S.; and Pb, S
Planning Curtailment of Renewable Generation in Power Grids (short/application)
Bandyopadhyay, S.; Kumar, P.; and Arya, V
A Systematic Analysis of Levels of Integration between High-Level Task Planning and Low-Level Feasibility Checks (journal)
Esra Erdem, Volkan Patoglu and Peter Schüller
Solving Realistic Unit Commitment Problems Using Temporal Planning: Challenges and Solutions (application)
Piacentini, C.; Magazzeni, D.; Long, D.; Fox, M.; and Dent, C
A Practical Framework for Robust Decision-Theoretic Planning and Execution for Service Robots (robotics)
Iocchi, L.; Jeanpierre, L.; Lázaro, M. T.; and Abdel-Illah, M
10:50Coffee Break
11:10Search (Session 9a)Time and Uncertainty (Session 9b)
Search Portfolio with Sharing
Aine, S.; and Likhachev, M
Checking the Dynamic Consistency of Conditional Temporal Networks with Bounded Reaction Times
Hunsberger, L.; and Posenato, R
Efficient Representation of Pattern Databases Using Acyclic Random Hypergraphs
Sadeqi, M.; and Hamilton, H
PARIS: A Polynomial-Time, Risk-Sensitive Scheduling Algorithm for Probabilistic Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty
Santana, P.; Vaquero, T.; Toledo, C.; Wang, A.; Fang, C.; and Williams, B
Automated Creation of Efficient Work Distribution Functions for Parallel Best-First Search
Jinnai, Y.; and Fukunaga, A
Robust Partial Order Schedules for RCPSP/max with Durational Uncertainty
Fu, N.; Varakantham, P.; and Lau, H. C
13:50Planning Effective Resource Placement (Session 10a)Scheduling (Session 10b)
Placement of Loading Stations for Electric Vehicles: Allowing Small Detours
Funke, S.; Nusser, A.; and Storandt, S
Not recordedOnline Algorithms for the Linear Tape Scheduling Problem
Cardonha, C.; and Real, L. V
Towards Next Generation Touring: Personalized Group Tours (application)
Lim, K. H.; Chan, J.; Leckie, C.; and Karunasekera, S
The Mathematics of Dispatchability Revisited
Morris, P
More Shuttles, Less Cost: Energy Efficient Planning for Scalable High-Density Warehouse Environments (application)
Hütter, C
Algebraic Differential Evolution Algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem with Total Flowtime Criterion (journal)
Alfredo Milani, Valentino Santucci, Marco Baioletti
15:00Coffee Break
15:20POMDP/MDP (Session 11a)Complexity (Session 11b)
Dual Formulations for Optimizing Dec-POMDP Controllers
Kumar, A.; Mostafa, H.; and Zilberstein, S
Not recordedAssessing the Expressivity of Planning Formalisms through the Comparison to Formal Languages
Höller, D.; Behnke, G.; Bercher, P.; and Biundo, S
Not recordedIndefinite-Horizon Reachability in Goal-DEC-POMDPs
Chatterjee, K.; and Chmelík, M
Change the Plan - How Hard Can That Be?
Behnke, G.; Höller, D.; Bercher, P.; and Biundo, S
Hierarchical Linearly-Solvable Markov Decision Problems
Jonsson, A.; and Gómez, V
Bound to Plan: Exploiting Classical Heuristics via Automatic Translations of Tail-Recursive HTN Problems
Alford, R.; Behnke, G.; Höller, D.; Bercher, P.; Biundo, S.; and Aha, D
Not recordedBayesian Optimization with Resource Constraints and Production
Dolatnia, N.; Fern, A.; and Fern, X
A Multi-Parameter Complexity Analysis of Cost-Optimal and Net-Benefit Planning
Aghighi, M.; and Bäckström, C
16:50Closing Remarks